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we offer the complete package, from design and print, through to finishing and delivery - all under one roof.

our clients demand ‘agency’ design and affordable printing, our team will guide you through every stage, to ensure that each project and every job is not only finished on time, and within budget, but also to the highest standard.

we are a printers based in devon in torbay, you can visit us at our premises near tesco in paignton, devon. We are located where totnes, darmouth and torbay road meet. we are about 45 minuets drive from plymouth and exeter and a short distance from newton abbot, torquay and brixham. you will find a google map on our contact page.

business stationery


emails are being used by businesses more and more each year to communicate to their customers.

however letterheads are still a very important tool for your business. If you need to express important information to a customer then you should be using your letterheads.

home printed letterheads in the long run could cost you more than you think in ink and the quality will not be as consistent as having them preprinted on laser / ink-jet guaranteed paper which we supply as standard.

compliment slips

compliment slip are great to include with all sorts of marketing material.

you can give your client that personal touch when sending out samples or goods.

they also can be used to give your client that personal touch where a letter would be a little over the top.

business cards

business cards are one of the best inexpensive tools for marketing your business.

always carry some around with you and try and give them out

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business leaflets are a great way of getting your message across to new and existing customers.

leaflets are also a great way to promote your website, facebook, twitter or any other social media that you may have.

find new ways of giving your leaflets out.

hand copies to your customers or deliver them in your local area.

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the advantage of having your own branded brochure is that it’s a compact way of advertising your services, products and offers to your customers.

you can also use your brochures to channel more of your customers to your website and to suggest they join you on your social media channels.

handing out your brochures is key. you will see that a lot of takeaways leave some of their brochure style menus outside their shops and some stores leave them on the counter. You can go that one step further by giving your customer a brochure when they visit.

5000 A4 brochures

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posters are a great way to promote your business or event. for your poster to be effective, you will need to keep it clear and simple with a simple quick message. we can supply posters that are waterproof which means they can be used in pavement sign and outdoor wall picture frames.

you can more or less order any size poster because they will be printed on a roll fed wide format printer.

all our posters are lightfast, another words they will not fade in direct sun light for at least 3 years.

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restaurants, take aways and cafés all require menus to display which dishes are available.

we off a comprehensive range of take away and table menus to suit your requirements.

take away menus can be ordered in the thousands making it more cost effective for you

table menus can be supplied laminated or encapsulated making them durable and easy to clean.

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point of sales

custom internal shop branding gives your business a more professional look compared to the commonly used dayglo paper markdown sheets.

we can also supply you with self-standing strut cards, shelf strips, posters and bespoke card display systems with your own branding printed on them.

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waterproof rounded, square or custom shape

labels available all shape and sizes.

if required, they can be laminated for extra protection.

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exhibition stands

banner stands

banner stands are a great way of promoting your business at exhibitions and conferences.

they are quick and easy to assemble and light and compact to carry around with you.

there is a vast range of banner stands for you to choose from. these two banner stands examples are  affordable and reliable.

other banner stands can be ordered up to 5m wide.

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pop-up stands

this pop-up system can be set-up in no time at all.

the system will fit nicely in the boot of your car and is easily transported as the carry case is on wheels.

the fully printed pop-up systems with robust carry case on wheels.

other sizes and lights and drum wraps are also available to order.

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modular system for ultimate maximum impact

we can supply executive looking stands delivering a display with real impact. these kits are ideal for semi-permanent displays for showrooms, shopping centres and exhibition venues.

they are portable and easy to assemble and constructed from anodised aluminium giving the display a professional modern feel and look.

there are many options that can be added to the modular stand. plus there are other designs you can choose from.

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exhibition supplies

we can supply a range of other exhibition products. including lights, pedestrian guidance, display stands, counter stands and literature holders.

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outdoor graphics

outdoor pvc or mesh banners

outdoor banners, hemmed and eyeleted.

how big do you want to go.

you can have your banners printed on either pvc or on a pvs mesh. the mesh banner is idea for those places that are exposed to high winds.

if your having trouble hanging your banner then why not order a frame that will hold your banner. (size restrictions).

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pavement signs

pavement signs are a great way to promote your business and catch potential customers that are passing by. we have selected a few of our best sellers for you to choose from.

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this flexible flag system gives you a choice of pole sizes from 2.8m to 5.6m that can accommodate three different flag shapes -quill, crest and feather.

with a choice of bases to suit any ground surface, zoom lite is the ultimate flag system you can buy.

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different flag pole heights 2.8m, 3.4m, 4.5m and 5.6m

three different flag shapes

multiple bases to suit all surfaces

beaufort scale 4 (13 -18 mph)

outdoor banner stand

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this outdoor banner stand is ideal for all kinds of corporate and sporting and outdoor events and promotions and point of sale. Its simple design makes it very easy to assemble on-site, and because it’s adjustable, it can accommodate different graphic sizes to suit your application. variable width from 600 - 800mm


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one of the few double-sided roller banners on the market which is useable outdoors. the base unit can be filled with either water or sand which increases the stability as needed. plus it has built-in wheels and a handle in the base to help with the movement of the unit.

site boards

site boards are a great way of getting your name out to local trade.

with the owners permission you may be able to leave the board outside the property while you are working there.

It's also a good idea to drop some leaflets locally to help promote you business.

tip - display a site board outside your house.

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your branding on any garment

give your business a professional look by having your workwear uniform printed or embroidered with your own branding.
we also can print t-shirts for any occasions

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large range of workwear available

come and visit us and take a look at the 720 page catalogue full of workwear and hospitality to suit your business needs.

no minimum order.

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